Front Garden Competition 2017

Front Garden Competition 2017

We are very grateful to all of the keen gardeners that participated in the 2017 Front Garden Competition for RG10. The judges were impressed with the high standard of gardens and had a difficult job making a decision. However, after considerable deliberation, we are delighted to announce the results.


The judges were Andy Sherwood and Maria Witowska, who scored each garden individually. The point scores are therefore the average of the two judges, out of a possible total of 90.


1st Prize (82 points) – Robert Knight, Charvil


2nd Prize (78.5 points) – Marion Davies, Charvil


JOINT 3rd Prize (76 points) – Hilary Thomas, Wargrave and Frank Moore, Charvil


The prizes awarded were Hare Hatch Sheeplands vouchers to the value of £100 and £75 for 1st and 2nd place respectively. In the case of joint third place we awarded £30 each.

Front Garden Competition - Entry Form

If you would like to enter our Front Gardens Competition for RG10 residents, please complete the form below by the end of 1st June.

Although it will not affect the judging, we would love to know who is responsible for creating the front garden.

Please enter the preferred title for the main contact for this entry

If you have any images which you would like provide for your entry eg a 'before' picture, please add them here. This section is not compulsory. Judging will take place in June by a visit to your front garden - by arrangement. Good Luck!

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