Dear Friends,                                                   29 April 2016

I have just learnt that our dispute with WBC has just worsened. Not only have WBC chosen to refuse your petition of support, now over 10,000 unique signatures but worse have applied for an injunction against me and 7 of our family run concessions. We all have to appear at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand next Thursday 5th May 2016 accused of ignoring the terms of an enforcement notice.


This is frankly ludicrous when we are due to defend our position at a public inquiry in September when our appeal is to be heard by an independent inspector.

They are seeking to have the garden centre and most of its concessions shut down within 14 days leaving only the farm shop, part of the café and nursery. Needless to say we will be defending our position vigorously to ensure the future for our employees and concessions, their families and you our wonderful customers.

Ironically, this is the day of the local elections and although I do not like to get involved in politics normally I have been asked by so many customers which candidates are supportive of our business that I wrote to them all inviting them to state their position on our business. Of the 39 candidates standing for election 11 have so far answered. Of these 4 are Lib Dems 2 are cons. 2 labour, 2 Greens and 1 independent. All are supportive and some are super supportive.


All I can say is that the following candidates are 100% behind us and have promised to fight our corner if elected. I believe it is only by getting a more balanced council that democracy will work at WBC. At the moment they are ignoring the wishes of our 10,000 plus supporters and trying to shut us down “in the public interest” as stated in the injunction papers.


The candidates who I think would fight hardest for our cause are:

Lindsay Ferris - Lib Dem
Unstinting support over the years

Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe
Martin Alder - Lib Dem
Our home ward and where I live

Emma Hobbs - Conservative
Always been a supporter and has some sway over the sitting councillors

Paul Trott - Lib Dem
Long term supporter

Maiden Erleigh
David Hare - Lib Dem
Long term supporter

Steven Lloyd - Green Party
Came to visit especially as he had never been

David Worley - Green Party
Came to visit especially as he had never visited the site. Wrote a blog which you can all read here. 100% support

Other wards
Please ask the candidates themselves as I have no direct knowledge of their views.

Other councillors who have written in support: Nick Ray (Charvil - Ind.), Brian Scott (Charvil - Lab), Stuart Crainer (Remenham Wargrave & Ruscombe - Lab), Merv Boniface (Twyford - Cons)



I would like to thank them all for their support along with everyone who has signed our petition and sent letters of support as we fight for justice and democracy and remind everyone that in local elections only a few votes can make a big difference.


Kind regards and heartfelt thanks for your support,

from Rob and all of the employees and concessions at Hare Hatch Sheeplands.


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