A Fresh Start for Sheeplands

A Fresh Start for Sheeplands

We've got some great plans for the business which we plan to share with you over the coming weeks.


We'll continue to be your 'Fresh, Local and Friendly' provider of high quality, local produce. And we'll certainly continue to be at the heart of the community, with support for schools, charities and local groups.


However, it's time for a fresh start and a new beginning.


With some great ideas and fresh thinking, we're working hard to produce a long term, sustainable plan, that meets the approval of the Council and is consistent with the green belt.


Views of our customers and the local community are important to us, so will share more with you as our plans crystalise.

Super Saturday and Sensational Sunday.

Super Saturday and Sensational Sunday.

WIGIG ...... 'when it's gone, it's gone'.


This weekend is 'Super Saturday' and 'Sensational Sunday'.


We have a few remaining gardening items available; and you won't believe the prices! With discounts of up to 75%, there are great bargains for early shoppers on Saturday and Sunday. First come, first served. Here's what we've got!



  • Ericaceous compost (25 litres) - normally £3.99
  • John Innes No.1 compost - normally £3.99
  • Growbags - normally £2.99



  • Evergreen Mosskill - £10 (normally £24.99)
  • Lawn Sand - £8 (normally £19.99)
  • Clean Lawn organic - small @ £8 (normally £19.99)
  • Clean Lawn organic - large @ £16 (normally £39.99)
  • Log Rolls 0.23m - £4 (normally £8.99)
  • Log Rolls 0.3m - £5 (normally £10.99)
  • Smithy Tubs - £7 (normally £15.99)
  • Besom Broom - £2 (normally £4.99)
  • Roundup Gel Wand - £10 (normally £24.99)
  • 12" Basket Liner - 95p (normally £1.99)
  • 14" Basket Liner - £1.10 (normally £2.49)
  • 16" Basket Liner - £1.20 (normally £2.99)
  • 14" Hanging Basket Bracket - £2 (normally £4.99)
  • Deep Root Planter - £30 (normally £79.99)

'Pots of Change' for Daisy's Dream

'Pots of Change' for Daisy's Dream

The sweet smell of success is in the air for Twyford-based children’s bereavement charity Daisy’s Dream thanks to support from Hare Hatch Sheeplands.


Sheeplands has donated 200 packets of flower seeds to the charity for use in a forthcoming fund-raising activity named “Pots of Change.”


Anyone can take part – and will just need an empty flower pot and to register with Daisy’s Dream. In return, they will receive a sticker to put on the side of the pot. Over the weeks that follow they are invited to put loose change in there and when it is full donate the money to Daisy’s DreamAs a thank you gift they will then receive one of the packets of seeds.


The Pots of Change campaign is being launched to celebrate the fact that Daisy’s Dream was established 21 years ago by a local family who were dealing with the impact of a bereavement, and struggling to find any local support.


Fundraiser Claire Rhodes explained "Last year we provided our free bereavement and serious-illness support to 728 children throughout Berkshire, and the organisation has grown to a stage where it needs £400,000 a year to continue our progress.  We receive no financial support from the local authority so it is only through the community and wonderful people like Sheeplands that we are able to continue.”


Full details of the “Pots of Change” promotion can be found on Daisy’s Dream website at www.daisysdream.org.uk 


Photo by Jade Armstrong shows Claire Rhodes collecting the seeds from  Sheeplands General Manager Andy Sherwood.

Fish Glorious Fish

Fish Glorious Fish

Some good news ........ a planning application has been submitted for Fish Glorious Fish to be permanently located in the Farm Shop. We don't yet know an exact date, but we're hopeful to have planning permission, and Paul back in the Farm Shop, by the end of August.


Why not contact Paul with your special requirements so that as soon as he's back, your fresh West Country fish will be available to pick up: Email - Paul Wheston (paulwheston@hotmail.com)

10% OFF Your Weekly Food Shopping

10% OFF Your Weekly Food Shopping

Produce your supermarket loyalty card at the tills and get 10% off your Farm Shop purchases. Not only do we have a wide range of fruit, vegetables, groceries, and staple products ....... we also have a fantastic selection of local produce, food gifts, unique wines, craft beers, ready-meals and Jon Thorner's butchery.


Why not visit Sheeplands for your weekly groceries ..... get 10% off your bill, a wide selection of high quality products and help the business as it re-builds and transitions.

FREE - This Weekend ONLY

FREE - This Weekend ONLY

We have reasons to be cheeful this weekend!


Make a purchase, and pay with a smile to receive a FREE gift from the team at Sheeplands. We've got something for everyone, so come and choose from the folowing:

  • A petal propagator
  • 5 for £10 on local craft beer (one bottle FREE - normally 4 for £10)
  • Guylian chocolate bar
  • Children's sweets

Tasting Weekend ..... Coming Soon

Tasting Weekend ..... Coming Soon

SAVE THE DATE - Saturday and Sunday 26 & 27 August


Over the Bank Holiday weekend we're lining up a tasting weekend to showcase an number of new and exciting products that will be available in the Sheeplands Farm Shop. More details to follow, but we're very excited to have Griffiths Brothers Gin ..... a very small distillery, that distils Gin by using a Rotary Evaporator, distilling at room temperature rather than boiling to over 100% and stewing some of the more delicate botanicals. It gives the Griffiths Brothers gin a very smooth rich taste which ensures it can sipped, make a fantastic G&T or excellent cocktails.


Take a look at their website: www.griffithsbrothers.com


Also participating will be Dr. Wills natural condiments.


They've taken out all the bad bits that don't need to be in a sauce, and kept all the good stuff in there. So in Dr. Wills products you'll find no refined sugar, no additives and no preservatives. Instead we get all our flavour and goodness from natural sources like dates, juicy tomatoes and beetroot.


Check out the Dr. Wills website at: www.dr-wills.com


This is definitely a tasting not to be missed!   

Plant of the Week: Lavender

Plant of the Week: Lavender

Lavender is right up there with roses and sweet peas as one of our favourite plants, and with good reason: few other plants flower so long and so beautifully, and their rich perfume can fill a garden.


Lavenders prefer sun and free-draining, quite poor soil. Once established, they tolerate dry conditions well, making them great container plants: try combining with herbs like thyme and chives for a fragrant potful to pop outside the back door. In late summer, trim off spent flowers to within 2cm of the previous year’s growth to make a neat, compact, silvery mound – lavender is evergreen, so you get to enjoy it all winter, too.


NEW stock this weekend: Half-price on ALL 2 litre Lavender

Field Fare Frozen Range Offers

Field Fare Frozen Range Offers

Did you know about the Field Fare range of frozen pastries and croissants? All with cooking instructions, for the perfect pastry.


Did you know that the entire range is great value for money with almost every product having a multibuy offer?


Special Offers

  • Multigrain Croissant - 6 for 99p (normally 39p each)
  • Very Berry Danish - 3 for 99p (normally 99p each)


New Product

  • Cheese, Bacon and Brie Pastry (135g) - £1.45 each


Multibuy Offers

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - 4 for £2.50
  • White Chocolate and Pecan Cookies - 4 for £2.50
  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - 4 for £2.50
  • Apricot Danish - 4 for £3.50
  • Maple Pecan Danish - 4 for £3.00
  • Cinnamon Swirl - 4 for £3.00
  • Pain au Chocolat - 4 for £4.50
  • Ham and Cheese Savoury Croissant (100g) - 4 for £3.50
  • All Butter Croissant - 10 for £3.50
  • Almond Croissant - 4 for £3.50
  • Traditional Steak Cornish Pasties - £1.99 each
  • Chocolate Twists - 85p each

Jon Thorner: Pulled Brisket and Horseradish Pie

Jon Thorner: Pulled Brisket and Horseradish Pie

Jon Thorner’s found themselves in esteemed company at the recent Meat Management Awards.

Somerset butcher Jon Thorner’s was nominated a finalist in the Britain’s Best Meat Pie category. Their new flavour Pulled Brisket & Horseradish wowed the tasting panel, amongst an outstanding number of entries from pie producers across the country.

The Meat Management Awards is a national industry event to reward the best of the best in the UK meat sector. The event culminated in a black tie ceremony in Birmingham, at the Hilton Metropole, in June.Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham

Jon Thorner’s was also given a High Commendation for their Spicy Cumberland Sausage & Red Onion Pie, but just pipped to the top spot for the Brisket & Horseradish Pie by Marks & Spencer. But being nominated a finalist amongst established national producers was a win in itself.

For a business with humble beginnings in 1979, to now being a major player in the local food sector, it is exciting for the products it produces to be recognised amongst the large multiples. Jon Thorner’s supply hundreds of independent retailers across the south west of England, and more recently nationally via Ocado – but each one of their pies is still individually filled and hand-crimped.

Job of the week: Test sweetcorn cobs for ripeness

Job of the week: Test sweetcorn cobs for ripeness

Super sweet, succulent sweetcorn cobs are almost ready to pick, but harvest them at the peak of ripeness to enjoy them at their best. Peel back the husk and stick a thumbnail into one of the kernels: if the liquid is clear, it’s not ready yet, but if it’s milky the cob is just right. Cook right after picking to capture that legendary sweetness to the full.



  • Deadhead blooms that are past their best every few days.
  • Finish summer pruning wisteria, removing whippy growths to 5-6 leaves
  • Plant Madonna lilies (Lilium candidum) for a spectacular scented display                          

Fruit & veg:                 

  • Harvest French beans every few days, freezing those you can’t eat.
  • Prune fan trained fruit, tying in new growth and shortening side shoots
  • Keep picking herbs to prevent bolting and encourage new leaves


  • Pick and store chillies when fully coloured
  • Pinch out the topmost shoot of tomato plants to ripen fruits instead
  • Keep ventilating on hot days, damping down floors and opening windows

Around the garden:     

  • Keep up with watering, soaking plants down to the roots
  • Go on regular slug hunts at dusk on damp evenings.
  • Keep on top of perennial weeds, digging them out by the roots.


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