2013 - 27 Aug - HHSheeplands press release

Rob Scott, owner of Hare Hatch Sheeplands said:

"We are furious at the council's action and we totally deny that we have taken what they describe as further unauthorised development since the first enforcement notice was issued.

All the points they make reference to were in existence prior to the first enforcement notice being issued.

We don't believe that they are breaches anyway.

The council claims it has always tried to negotiate with us. Our experience is totally the opposite.

Officials and individual councillors have consistently refused to meet us.

The council has failed to point out that the new enforcement notices would take effect in only six months 

Previously they said publicly that they had gave us eighteen months when they issued the first notice in order to give our employees time to find alternative employment.

Have they now lost interest in our employees?

It's just another frustrating and damaging delay created by the council.

We continue to fight on. We owe that to our customers and the people who work for us.

Finally we note that they have called us Hare Hatch Garden Centre. That's a totally different business on the other side of the A4 which shows just what a muddle they are in."