2013 - 10 May - Public Inquiry Update

Update 10 May 2013

Wokingham Borough Council have requested an adjournment to the appeal due to the ill health of a significant member of their planning team involved in our case.  We strongly disagree to this last minute request and feel it compromises our position and further delay is not at all to our advantage.

The planning inspector has not agreed at present. He will hear WBCs reasons/evidence for postponement on Tuesday 14th May. 

We are carrying on as though the appeal is happening and look forward to seeing you all there.

How Can You Help?

This is an appeal by public inquiry which everyone is permitted to attend. It takes place at the council offices in Shute End, Wokingham

starting on Tuesday, May 14 at 10am. It may take up to six days.  You are free to come and go at any time during the appeal.


Whether you wish to speak or not, we would like to encourage our supporters to attend the public inquiry.  If you intend to come, thank you! If you could let us know the days that you will attend we can endeavour to encourage others to attend more sparse days.  The enquiry will take place Tuesday to Friday in week one and may run to the following Tues and Wed.   Please check the Save Our Business section of the web site regularly for all new information.

WBC have issued letters stating that it is now too late to write to them.  If you wish to have your statement taken into consideration you may be able to present it to the inspector or give it to us to present to him on Tuesday 14 May.

We will continue to keep you informed of developments.