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Trim back vines

Trim back ornamental vines like Virginia creeper from around the eaves and doorframes of your house to keep them in bounds, always cutting back to a bud and training in any growth to their framework of wires. Remove older and overcrowded stems completely to keep the plant young and healthy.

The year-round greenhouse

A greenhouse is a real asset in a garden. It can be a beautiful building, for one thing: when the sun glints off the glass of a white-painted greenhouse filled with vibrantly colourful plants it'll always make you smile.

But it's also a wonderful way to expand your gardening beyond all…

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Plant of the Week: Hamamelis mollis

Plant of the Week: Hamamelis mollis

The Chinese witch hazel, Hamamelis mollis, casts a delicate, spidery spell on your garden throughout the winter months. You'll begin to notice its curiously curled lemony petals unfurling about now on bare branches; soon after, the air fills with a glorious spicy scent (enjoy its full intensity by cutting a branch and bringing it indoors).

It makes a large shrub, growing slowly to about 3m, and is happy in sun or shade (though you'll get the best of the flowers in a sunny spot as the scent is triggered by sunshine). The choice varieties include 'Goldcrest', with scarlet-centred blooms, and 'Wisley Supreme' with flowers of palest yellow.